Jeans: Flatter Your Figure

It’s hard, yet really important, to find a pair of jeans that suits you well, make you look great, and make you feel comfortable. As Style Magazine once stated, “For jeans to fit right, they must both hug you and let you go-in all the right places”. Trust me, there is a way to find the perfect jeans for you. I think this is really important because jeans are one of the most typical things you wear on your everyday life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair or two that makes you look amazing and though still, feel comfortable?

Pay attention and follow all these tips depending on your body shape and I can assure you, you will find the perfect ones for you that flatter your figure.

Curvy: Try to look for jeans that are stretch and straight or flared legs. Avoid low-cut and skinny jeans. Remember that dark washes make you look skinnier.

Short Waist/Long Legs: Low-rise jeans with long hem length suit you. Avoid high-waist styles and remember that skinny jeans with long and loose tops will camouflage your waist.

Long Waist/Short Legs: Dark washes with a slight flare and stretch suit you the best! Avoid hip-huggers, cropped cuts and anything overly baggy. Here’s a tip: Wear jeans with a cropped jacket to shorten the torso.

Flat Bottom: Stretch jeans with slim legs that hug your bottom and have back-pocket details. Avoid high waists, stiff denim, loose cuts, and classic straight-leg shapes. Heels will give you a real lift!

Short: Look for jeans with natural waist and classic styles. Try not to use wide-leg jeans and low rises. Wear jeans slightly long, and use heels. Also, darker washes give you an elongating look.

Because jeans are an essential part of the closet and they go with everything, with the right details and characteristics, you can make the most of them. At least I adore all my jeans and they are one of the things I most treasure from my wardrobe. I really hope you can find the perfect ones for you!

Source: Style Magazine