Flatter Your Figure

We all have different body shapes and figures and that is the reason why it everyone can flatter her body in different ways. Once you know what type of figure and characteristics you have, it all becomes easier! Have you ever wondered why some clothes fit certain people better, well there is a reason for it!

Some types of figures are curvy, short, narrow or broad shoulders, full or small bust and having a tummy.

Curvy: You need to focus on showing your waist. Find pieces of clothes that fall smoothly over your curves and avoid anything oversized and anything that ends loosely at the hips.

Tummy: Try creating a vertical line with your clothes. Try using long tops or shirts and avoid anything that is belted either in the waist or hips. It will accentuate your tummy even more!

Bust: If you have a full busts, try using V-necks and simple tops. Avoid puffy sleeves and baggy tops. Yet, if you have a small bust try using fitted tops and jackets and avoid any low-cut tops as well as loose ones.

Shoulders: If you have narrow shoulders try using tips with shoulder detail or with horizontal lines. Avoid raglan sleeves! However, if you have broad shoulders a tip would be using cardigans instead of jackets as well as avoiding shoulder pads.

Short: If you are a short person, you should focus in elongating your legs by wearing vertical lines from top to bottom. Avoid any horizontal prints!

Accentuating your physical appearance and characteristics is essential to making you look at your best! All you have to do is follow the previous tips and then, without even trying, you will know what clothes suit you best!

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” 
Hubert de Givenchy


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

This weekend I realized I was running low on scarves. I usually don’t use them much because where I used to live (Mexico) the weather was mostly hot and whenever it got chilly outside a jacket would cover it all up! However, Boston is a different story. In order to feel good, you have to have a good body temperature too. This is why it is crucial to be covered up in the winter. If you are not, you will LITERALLY suffer through the day. So, back to my point, this weekend I got so cold during the nights. A coat/jacket was not enough so I decided to wear a scarf. Turns out that when I was choosing what scarf to wear, though the options were nearly 2 to 3, I realized I had almost none and I needed to get more for the winter.

Shopping online is something I literally love, and while looking for scarves online, I had a better idea. I wanted to know if with just using one scarf during the whole winter season I could make it look different every time I wore it. I found this video o YouTube which is very cool and really interesting to watch. This video answered all of my questions. Turns out, my idea was logical and it is in fact a great way to save money while applying different looks with your scarf each time you use it.

 Hope you enjoyed the video and remember, this doesn’t apply only to scarves. There are tons of clothes and outfits you can wear and repeat a lot and by just changing a tiny bit of how you wore the previous time, it will look different and you will look fabulous! Try practicing all of the different techniques with your favorite scarf and decide which one you like the most. Many of them look simple yet they are so hard to do! I still wonder how is it even possible to wear a scarf in 25 different ways! It is kind of crazy!