Colors make a statement about YOU

Take a peak into your closet. What is the color that brings up your attention? Which color stares back at you? When I did this, I noticed I have tons of blue and red shirts in my closet. Now the question is, does it mean anything? Studies have shown that you subconsciously pick your colors in clothes based on personality traits and your mood. It’s amazing how colors can say so much about you and you don’t even realize! Of course, we have colors that we think suit us best and that make us look prettier. Try making a connection between the color you have the most in your clothes and what each color represents and symbolizes and comment on back to see if it was right. Here are some of the colors and their symbols.

Red: This color is very powerful and women who wear it normally tend to seek attention. Many people who have outgoing personalities and are really self-confident tend to use it.

Yellow: It is associated with energy and creativity. It is a really bright color however, it can also be overwhelming. People who wear yellow are normally not afraid to stand out from the crowd and people who are really cheery.

Purple: It represents luxury and sophistication. Women who are really unique tend to wear many purple.

Pink: Such a sweet color! Women who tend to wear it are those who are really romantic and sensible.

Blue: It is associated with the sky and the sea therefore, it is a very calming and serene color. Studies have shown that people who wear a lot of blue are looked upon as loyal because blue is a trusting and calming color.

Green: This color is associated with nature. Women who are calm and tranquil usually wear green.

White: One word to describe it would be pure. Women who wear white, such as brides, are often innocent and clean.

Black: This may sound ironic but black is a color that suits almost every one of us. Though you may associate it with funerals, it is actually associated with respect, authority, confidence and elegance. Wearing black also makes us look slimmer.

 If someday you don’t like how you look, try changing up your mood and go for a color that shows your personality best. It will give you confidence and it will make you look and feel better. Think about what you would like others to perceive about you. For example, if you want to show authority, wear black. Because personality is really important and it is associated with clothing after all, wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It will most likely portray who you are and what you want to say and it will most definitely give you confidence over yourself.