Easy Steps for French Manicure

Who said you have to go to a salon to get the desired and perfect nails? I’m the type of girl who loves having her nails done. But what better way to do it yourself and even save some money!

French Manicures look understated and classy, follow these steps in order to give yourself this classic manicure. Don’t be afraid to try it, it is actually pretty easy.

  1. First off, wipe off any other nail polish you previously had with nail polish remover. Was your hands afterwards and if possible, do it with warm water.
  2. Push back your cuticle from every nail with an orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher. Do this gently so that you won’t hurt yourself.
  3. Once the cuticle has been pushed back, cut your nails evenly and give them shape. I recommend a squared shape however round is also nice.
  4. With white nail polish, apply a line (you decide the thickness) of white in the tip of each nail. If you want, apply a second coat so that it looks more opaque.
  5. Allow white polish to dry. You can put your fingers by a fan to speed the process.
  6. Once the tips have dried, apply a coat of nude or pink polish over the whole nail. A second coat will be necessary.
  7. Wait for the nail to be completely dry.
  8. Once everything had dried you are almost ready to go. To protect your nails, apply acoat of transparent or clear polish.
  9. If you have time, you can repeat this process in your toe nails in order to match. This looks really cute and classy.

Try it, it is definitely worth it and you will feel proud of yourself if you do it on your own. It looks elegant and beautiful. It would be best if you do it right before any special event or activity in order for your nails to look pretty yet it is always nice to have french manicure.

Go feel pretty and enjoy your perfect-looking nails.