Speak Kindly To Yourself

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”

When was the last time you complimented someone on what she was wearing, how beautiful her hair looked, how pretty her eyes are, how funny she was, etc. Probably yesterday or at least a week ago. Without even knowing, we compliment other people so many times yet, when was the last time you complimented yourself? Now don’t get my wrong, saying nice things to others is totally acceptable and as a matter of fact, it’s a great thing to do, but just as this applies to others, it also applies to yourself. How do you feel when someone tells you how good you look today? As of for me, my day gets better, I suddenly become much more confident. Well complimenting yourself causes the same effects and the good thing is, you can do it as many times as you like.

This is what many people, including me, like to call speaking kindly to yourself. Get out there and look at yourself at the mirror and say something good about you. It could be either how great you look or feel, how great the clothes suit you, or simply an I love you. Try to speak kindly to others and yourself. Don’t ever forget that. It is proven that a compliment a day makes you happier so do it and trust me, you will feel better and it will soon become a routine. It will make you physiologically more comfortable with who you are, and this is because someone loves you, and that someone is YOU.

I will share with you a little lesson that i learned a couple of years ago while playing basketball. Basketball was my passion, my 24/7 sport and dedication. It was my all, however, on a ski trip with my family, I misfortunately broke my leg. I had to go through a long stage of rehabilitation because I didn’t just break my leg, but literally ruined it. Rehab was hard and annoying yet I had the support from my family and friends, which still didn’t make me feel 100% better. I knew something was missing to make me feel better, yet little did I know that it was the support from myself. As I realized this, I began to talk to myself in a kind manner and I literally began to feel better. I would say stuff like “Don’t give up, you can do this,” and this would totally lift me up and inspire me to keep working hard on this painful process. I really missed basketball and I wanted to start playing right away. That was kind of impossible, after my 4 months of rehab, I was totally out of shape. Every time I would pick up the ball and things wouldn’t turnout the way it all used to be, just like making my shots, I would get frustrated and desperate with myself. It was after some weeks that I remembered what had helped me in the hospital and along the process, it was my self support and my kind words I would share to myself. Since then, I began praising my actions and efforts and whenever I feel, tripped, or stumbled, I would repeat to myself “You are strong, you are better than this. I love you.” Words of support are the best, especially if it’s you who is telling yourself.

From now on, focus and telling others and yourself positive words of kindness and tell yourself that you love you as much as you can. I hope this works and remember, love who you are as a person and it will al get better from there. And of course I understand how hard it must be to take a compliment coming from yourself but try it and see how you feel. I am sure it will definitely help you and you will love it!


Every Girl Has a Right to Love Herself

After watching another Dove clip about beauty, I decided to ask my friends several questions about themselves. Here is what some of them answered when I asked what they didn’t like about themselves:

  • Friend 1: I feel like I’m too fat and I don’t feel comfortable with myself sometimes. 
  • Friend 2: I have a birthmark on my arm which I hate; I wish I could take it away! It would make such a difference.
  • Friend 3: I am way too short. I wish I could be taller because I think tall makes you more beautiful. 

“Are you serious guys,” I responded after they answered my questions. “I really think you three have to stop and start loving yourselves and your bodies no matter what. Embrace your beauty and your flaws. You will never feel more happy and pretty,” I continued. They really thought about it and then they all realized it was true. Every girl deserves to feel good about herself.  It is easy to say how much you want to have blonde hair, green eyes, maybe paler skin or be skinnier. But STOP and look at yourself in the mirror, you are a beauty just the way you are! Don’t desire something you don’t have because it is not part of you.

Loving yourself is key in having confidence and being comfortable with who you are. It is important to make yourself feel loved and beautiful by not thinking about what you don’t have or what you wish you didn’t have but by loving what you have and embracing it.

Enjoy the clip, it is very moving and inspiring!

You are beautiful like a rainbow, show your true colors

Make Your Beauty SPARKLE

I have a friend, a really beautiful friend, to whom many people are attracted to. I used to wonder what was it that she had that made her call that much attention. It was not just that she was physically really attractive, I learned later that it was also her smile and confidence. I will never forget her telling me that she made her beauty “sparkle”. It sounds weird right? Well, it actually makes a lot of sense. What she meant was embrace your beauty with little actions that in the long run make people see you better. It will also make you see you better.

Here are some tips as to how to make YOUR beauty sparkle, because as I explained, it actually works…

-Do good and feel good. Inner beauty shines because of stuff like this. Being loyal, kind, compassionate and giving makes you beautiful.

-You have flaws? Embrace them. My friend had a scar right on top of one her brows and that made her unique and because of that, she loved it! Instead of questioning why we have imperfections, look at them and admire them. They make you different.

-Smile. Smiling is very important, everyone finds people who smile more attractive and nice. The more you smile, the happier you will become and the more beautiful you will feel. KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!

 Note: Posting a picture of both of Brad Pitt’s ex wife and wife was a total coincidence. 🙂

“Beauty…when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.”

Nate Dircks

Lies the Media Tells..

Have you ever watched a TV commercial and wonder how can the girl be so pretty? Why in the world is she so beautiful and you are not? This weekend, I was watching a movie in the television, when commercials came on, one of them caught my attention. In it, appeared a gorgeous woman with the perfect body, hair and face. I began to question myself as to whether or not that beauty was real and true. So.. I started researching on the web the impact that the media has on teenagers and the lies they tell us. As I was researching, I found this incredible video that left me speechless. In this youtube video, Dove shows us how media lies to you and how all these people in ads, magazines, etc. are just the product of many hours of working on themselves and of photoshop.

No wonder why we sometimes feel bad about ourselves after watching commercials and advertisements yet we don’t realize how many of them are all fake. We should recognize how media lies to us and discover our true beauty by not focusing on what society thinks is pretty but by focusing on your own beauty. Your inner beauty is already there with you yet you need to find it and uncover it.

We generally believe this lies and start to measure and compare ourselves with this “perfect” girls and women without realizing they don’t even exist. Believe it or not, self-esteem is affected by all of this advertising lies and because of it, we have more trouble finding our inner beauty. From now on ladies, we should never believe all of this fake images that the television, magazines, etc, portray to us. We should instead, focus on how media lies and how you will never measure up with what they show us. You are beautiful no matter what society as a whole illustrates to us. You never know when that is going to be fake. An as the Dove commercial states:

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

Finding your inner beauty

Do you know how important it is to love and be comfortable with yourself? How you see yourself reflects the image that others will see in you. In simple words: If you feel beautiful and loved people will see you beautiful and will love you! Sounds simple right? Well, it can be a challenge sometimes however, you are the one who controls what you feel, think, and see so it’s up to you to decide how you want to see yourself.

The word beautiful doesn’t only mean being beautiful in the outside; beautiful means being beautiful in both, the inside and the outside. Now the question is, how do I find my inner beauty? There are so many ways you can do this and some may sound cheesy to you but try them, I guarantee you it works!

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself for a moment. Think about all the good things that you have, it could be physical traits or maybe things you are good at. Acknowledge those things and appreciate them. Try to think of as many positive traits that you have standing in front of the mirror, avoiding all the negative ones. Out loud, repeat to yourself “You are beautiful,” and “You are unique”. Finally look closely at the mirror and smile to yourself. Hang on to that smile for the whole day!