Buying the Right Bag

Handbags are an important element of an outfit. Just like accessories, they stand out from the outfit and make it even better. With the years, the love and passion for handbags (of all kinds) has grown drastically. But the question is, how do I buy the right bag for me?

Because there are so many kinds of bags women and girls tend to have difficult in finding the right for them. However, the perfect bag should be comfortable to carry, keep you organized and make you look sharp. There are several questions you should ask yourself whenever you go shopping for a bag. I guarantee that this will help you choose the best one there is for you. The questions are the following:

How does it look?

It has happened a million times to me, but it’s important to know that not because it looks incredible on the shelf or the manikin it will look incredible to you too. Try it on as if it were a piece of clothing and look at yourself in the mirror. Does it fit you well? Is it in proportion to your figure and size? If you are a short and skinny person, huge bags make you look smaller yet if you are a tall and big person, small bags make you look even bigger.

How does it feel?

Finding a bag that is comfortable is crucial. Walk around with it around the store and see if it sits perfectly in your arm. Is it light enough or is it too heavy? Are the straps the right size?

Will the bag keep me organized?

How do you like to organize your stuff in bags? Do you like interior and exterior pockets? Well then, look for them. Bags are not just meant to bring out your outfit, but are mostly meant to store things. Pockets, interior or exterior, really help with organization because it will keep your wallet, phone, lipstick, hand cream or anything else in its place. It is not a good idea to have all of her stuff thrown in there with no organization. It is convenient to have it all in its place because when your phone rings and you know where you placed it, it will save tons of time!

Will I be able to use it almost everywhere?

Finding a bag that is wearable to a party, gathering in the park, the movies, supermarket and other activities is something you should think about. Why would you want to spend your money in something that will only be used six times a year? It is nice to “take advantage” of your bag and use it almost everywhere. This way, you won’t have to buy many different handbags; one or two bags will do it all! Find a handbag that matches many outfits that you have. If you have many black tops, then look for a black one, and so on.

Christmas season is here so if you are planning on buying a bag remember to keep this tips in mind. Trust me, it is important that you feel 100% confident about your bag and not just buy it because it looks beautiful on top of the shelf.