FALL’S best trends

You might be wondering why did I include in my about page that I was going to talk about internal and external beauty in my blog and I haven’t written anything about fashion, clothes, etc. Well there is a huge reason for that! However, for this post I’ve finally decided to focus on what I like to call “external beauty”. The major reason why I focused on internal beauty before was to make you understand that without finding and having internal beauty, you will never achieve or get external beauty! No matter how well you dress! So never ever ever forget that! Soooo.. now that I’m done explaining, let’s hit the real point. Though we are already on the last weeks of October, fall season is still here! And as I like to say, fall brings a lot of change. We can see it in the trees and the color of the leaves, but also in clothes! Let’s take a look into what is “IN” this season of FALL 2011.

According to NORDSTROM and Teen Vogue, sources that I trust A LOT, some of fall’s 10 best trends include

  1. Capes and Ponchos
  2. Jackets
  3. Stacked Heels
  4. White Knits
  5. The Skinny
  6. Bold color mixes
  7. Prints
  8. Leather
  9. Fur clothing
  10. Sheer maxi dresses

Gotta love what’s in this season! At least I do! One of my favorite things that are considered “in” are the capes and ponchos. Because it’s too hot in the summer and spring, and too cold in the winter, fall is the perfect season for capes and ponchos. Why not take advantage of the season and use them a lot! Last weekend I bought a poncho and a cape and I absolutely adored them! I will be using them a lot, I think that out of all the list of what’s in, those two are the most important ones to consider! I bet they will be helpful not just for the weather but for you! If you chose the right one, you will look absolutely stunning (taking into account how you are going to be also letting your inner beauty sparkle) and beautiful!

One more trend that I really want to touch on is fur clothing. Elegant yet classy. What is there more to ask. All of the last fashion and runway shows have shown an abundant amount of fur. Why? They give you class and it’s the perfect outfit/trend to spice up the season! I really hope this list worked and remember, it’s still not too late to dress up with this year’s fall trends.

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

~John Donne