Every Girl Has a Right to Love Herself

After watching another Dove clip about beauty, I decided to ask my friends several questions about themselves. Here is what some of them answered when I asked what they didn’t like about themselves:

  • Friend 1: I feel like I’m too fat and I don’t feel comfortable with myself sometimes. 
  • Friend 2: I have a birthmark on my arm which I hate; I wish I could take it away! It would make such a difference.
  • Friend 3: I am way too short. I wish I could be taller because I think tall makes you more beautiful. 

“Are you serious guys,” I responded after they answered my questions. “I really think you three have to stop and start loving yourselves and your bodies no matter what. Embrace your beauty and your flaws. You will never feel more happy and pretty,” I continued. They really thought about it and then they all realized it was true. Every girl deserves to feel good about herself.  It is easy to say how much you want to have blonde hair, green eyes, maybe paler skin or be skinnier. But STOP and look at yourself in the mirror, you are a beauty just the way you are! Don’t desire something you don’t have because it is not part of you.

Loving yourself is key in having confidence and being comfortable with who you are. It is important to make yourself feel loved and beautiful by not thinking about what you don’t have or what you wish you didn’t have but by loving what you have and embracing it.

Enjoy the clip, it is very moving and inspiring!

You are beautiful like a rainbow, show your true colors