Dove Self-Esteem

Many girls all around the world have a hobby or an activity they really enjoy. However, many of them stop doing what they love because of how they look or because of what others think of them. That is not fair, and this great video helps promote self-esteem for girls and young women.

Ever since I started following the Dove Campaign for the improvement of the self-esteem, I really appreciated to see how there are people in this world that want to spread a great message- it’s not just about being externally beautiful, but it’s inner beauty, confidence, attitude, and self-esteem that matter. As this video shows us, building self-esteem in young girls will help them grow and become who THEY want to be and not be influenced by society or the media. Dove’s Campaign is a great movement because it also inspires all of those beautiful girls who don’t believe in their beauty and power and because of that, I am so happy that the campaign exists and is still going. Below is another video, from Dove, that I wanted to share with you. The video shows us the effort and how committed they are to make girls realize what they are worth.

I hope that this videos help you realize, once again, of the importance of knowing the power that inner beauty has. We should all learn from this beautiful videos and realize how the word “beautiful” has so many meaning yet to be beautiful, one has to have internal beauty. It is on our hands to create, nurture, or maintain that internal beauty and always remember how much it is worth.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and help spread the word, just like Dove, about the magic of internal beauty because the importance of inner beauty is much more than that of outer beauty!


Inner Beauty Make-Up: SMILING

Smiling is a grand way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Though some people are born with great hair, bodies, hair, etc, everyone is born with a great smile. Take advantage of it and use it! We are all lucky to have the inner beauty make-up incorporated in our faces already. It is proven that smiles are one of the first things people notice when they look at you. If you spot someone smiling, you are drawn to him/her because you want to know what is so good that is making him/her smile. Well, try smiling as much as you can because this attention factor makes you show your beauty from your inside and out.

According to Mark Stibich, who received his PhD in health behavior from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, there are so many reasons as to why people should smile. The top ten reasons why you should do it are the following:


  • Makes us attractive
  • Changes our mood
  • Is contagious
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin
  • Lifts the face and makes you look younger
  • Makes you seem successful
  • Helps you stay positive

Do you notice any negative outcomes of smiling? NO. NO. NO. It is great for you, your health, and even the people who surround you. It brings so many good things to your life and if you already have a mouth in your face, use it and smile! I like referring to a smile as an inner beauty make-up because it makes you look so much better not just from the outside, but from your inside! Always remember that smiling brings so many benefits and positive things to you, so do it as often as possible!

The Beauty Of A Woman

Sometimes, the best way to spread a message or get your point across, is through a poem. Poems are beautiful pieces of writing that are worth analyzing, because though sometimes their message might be explicit, it can also be explicit. With this said, I took the opportunity of finding a great beauty poem to share with you guys because I’ve written blog posts, shared quotes, videos, and images, but never a poem. I found a beautiful poem written by Teresa Mahieu and it tells us what the true beauty of a woman is. Enjoy!

The Beauty of a Woman

The beauty of a woman
Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
Or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a woman
With passing years only grows!

Isn’t it so true and so beautiful? I loved how realistic this poem is, it tells us how internal beauty is the main key to being a beautiful woman because it is what is reflected in her soul. Once again, we see the importance of inner beauty and how with the years, we can strengthen it.

Choosing The Right Colors

Choosing the right color to wear can be hard, yet once you do, there are many positive impacts that it has on how you look. People will compliment on how good you look, or how good your skin looks, etc. It is all worth it because at the end of the day, comments like this make you feel better and more beautiful. Though you can wear any color that you wish, it is important to find the right shade that fits you best! One of the best ways to know which color suits you best, besides of trying and experimenting with them all, is focusing on you skin color, eye color, and hair color. Those three things create a balance in your body and depending on what color you choose to wear, you will embrace those three aspects or not embrace them at all.

Some recommendation as to what colors you should lean to are the following:

If you have pale skin and dark or blonde hair, you do well with saturated bright colors such as emerald green, red, and violet. If you have medium-brown to dark-blonde hair and medium to dark skin, tempered colors suit you best! Some examples are coral, turquoise, and lavender. Of course don’t block yourself with this idea that only certain colors look god on you, but definitely some colors will make you stand out from the crowd. I also agree that experimenting with different colors is fun and brave so keep doing that too!

Some tips for finding the right monochrome or colors that suit you are experimenting every time you can. For example, if you are in a store and you love a shirt, try it on in all the available colors and see which one makes you look best. Trust me, they all look different on you. Examining yourself in daylight with a white background is also a key factor, this will show your true skin, eyes, and hair color and thus contrast it with your outfit. It is really important to note that if you are wearing many colors at a time, try sticking to a maximum of three. More than three will seem as too much and you don’t want to look like a ridiculous clown! Combining brights and dark colors or bright and light colors can also be fun. When using light and bright colors, you can draw attention to the parts of your body that you want to accentuate and when using bright and dark colors, you can balance the appearance and structure of your body. Also remember to have some neutral clothes in your closet, such as white, beige, brown, and black because they are basic and suit with almost anything!

Speak Kindly To Yourself

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”

When was the last time you complimented someone on what she was wearing, how beautiful her hair looked, how pretty her eyes are, how funny she was, etc. Probably yesterday or at least a week ago. Without even knowing, we compliment other people so many times yet, when was the last time you complimented yourself? Now don’t get my wrong, saying nice things to others is totally acceptable and as a matter of fact, it’s a great thing to do, but just as this applies to others, it also applies to yourself. How do you feel when someone tells you how good you look today? As of for me, my day gets better, I suddenly become much more confident. Well complimenting yourself causes the same effects and the good thing is, you can do it as many times as you like.

This is what many people, including me, like to call speaking kindly to yourself. Get out there and look at yourself at the mirror and say something good about you. It could be either how great you look or feel, how great the clothes suit you, or simply an I love you. Try to speak kindly to others and yourself. Don’t ever forget that. It is proven that a compliment a day makes you happier so do it and trust me, you will feel better and it will soon become a routine. It will make you physiologically more comfortable with who you are, and this is because someone loves you, and that someone is YOU.

I will share with you a little lesson that i learned a couple of years ago while playing basketball. Basketball was my passion, my 24/7 sport and dedication. It was my all, however, on a ski trip with my family, I misfortunately broke my leg. I had to go through a long stage of rehabilitation because I didn’t just break my leg, but literally ruined it. Rehab was hard and annoying yet I had the support from my family and friends, which still didn’t make me feel 100% better. I knew something was missing to make me feel better, yet little did I know that it was the support from myself. As I realized this, I began to talk to myself in a kind manner and I literally began to feel better. I would say stuff like “Don’t give up, you can do this,” and this would totally lift me up and inspire me to keep working hard on this painful process. I really missed basketball and I wanted to start playing right away. That was kind of impossible, after my 4 months of rehab, I was totally out of shape. Every time I would pick up the ball and things wouldn’t turnout the way it all used to be, just like making my shots, I would get frustrated and desperate with myself. It was after some weeks that I remembered what had helped me in the hospital and along the process, it was my self support and my kind words I would share to myself. Since then, I began praising my actions and efforts and whenever I feel, tripped, or stumbled, I would repeat to myself “You are strong, you are better than this. I love you.” Words of support are the best, especially if it’s you who is telling yourself.

From now on, focus and telling others and yourself positive words of kindness and tell yourself that you love you as much as you can. I hope this works and remember, love who you are as a person and it will al get better from there. And of course I understand how hard it must be to take a compliment coming from yourself but try it and see how you feel. I am sure it will definitely help you and you will love it!

Jeans: Flatter Your Figure

It’s hard, yet really important, to find a pair of jeans that suits you well, make you look great, and make you feel comfortable. As Style Magazine once stated, “For jeans to fit right, they must both hug you and let you go-in all the right places”. Trust me, there is a way to find the perfect jeans for you. I think this is really important because jeans are one of the most typical things you wear on your everyday life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair or two that makes you look amazing and though still, feel comfortable?

Pay attention and follow all these tips depending on your body shape and I can assure you, you will find the perfect ones for you that flatter your figure.

Curvy: Try to look for jeans that are stretch and straight or flared legs. Avoid low-cut and skinny jeans. Remember that dark washes make you look skinnier.

Short Waist/Long Legs: Low-rise jeans with long hem length suit you. Avoid high-waist styles and remember that skinny jeans with long and loose tops will camouflage your waist.

Long Waist/Short Legs: Dark washes with a slight flare and stretch suit you the best! Avoid hip-huggers, cropped cuts and anything overly baggy. Here’s a tip: Wear jeans with a cropped jacket to shorten the torso.

Flat Bottom: Stretch jeans with slim legs that hug your bottom and have back-pocket details. Avoid high waists, stiff denim, loose cuts, and classic straight-leg shapes. Heels will give you a real lift!

Short: Look for jeans with natural waist and classic styles. Try not to use wide-leg jeans and low rises. Wear jeans slightly long, and use heels. Also, darker washes give you an elongating look.

Because jeans are an essential part of the closet and they go with everything, with the right details and characteristics, you can make the most of them. At least I adore all my jeans and they are one of the things I most treasure from my wardrobe. I really hope you can find the perfect ones for you!

Source: Style Magazine

STOP Comparing Yourself To Others

 “Just be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.”

The quote may sound cheesy yet if you think about it, it is a great way of saying the obvious: Be who YOU are. The purpose of this post is not to persuade you to discover who YOU are and be comfortable with it, but to stop comparing yourself to who other people are and by so be yourself.

Must of us do this every day and sometimes we don’t even realize it. We compare ourselves to others with our grades, hair color, body, friends, popularity, cars, houses, and so on. By doing so, we don’t realize that we are hurting ourselves and our self-esteem. This is destructive and we are not hurting those whom we are comparing ourselves; as said earlier, we are just hurting ourselves. If we compare everything we have and/or do with other people, we will most definitely not always “win” and this makes us feel less or not good enough. Because our mind is really powerful and can get you to think anything it wants, it can literally destroy your confidence and self-esteem because you feel that you are “not pretty enough” or “not popular enough.”

However, aren’t we all different? Imagine being exactly the same as everybody else… BORING. Of course, some people might be better at some things yet you are good at your own. Don’t ever forget that. Just because someone has a better body than you do, that’s not an excuse to self-destruct you mental image about who you are and even worse, think you are ugly, fat, etc. Though we try to avoid making comparisons, it is almost impossible. However, there are some good news. What if we would still compare ourselves yet instead of doing it to someone else we would keep the comparison within.

Compare yourself to yourself.

Yes, you heard me. This is a much healthier form of comparison because believe it or not, it will help you become a better person in the inside and out. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. How much have you grown? Have you reached your goals? How has your life improved? Have you made an important decision that has shaped you into who you are? Has any negative attitude that you had changed to a positive one?

I really hope this helped you realize how comparison yourself to yourself is much healthier and better than doing so with other people. Not only does it not tear us down, put pushes us to be better in every aspect of life.

Careful Ladies (The Sun)

I am pretty sure we all are excited for Spring Break. I am also pretty sure that most of us are planning on tanning and getting more color because ugh, we all hate being pale. Well, although this sounds nice and chill it’s important to remember, especially right before vacations, the danger that there is when tanning excessively.

Media, models, and many other means of advertisement tell us, or at least portray, that being tan is what’s “in”. Yes, of course we all want that however, our health is at risk too. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause: 

  • Skin burns
  • Premature skin aging
  • Eye damage
  • Skin cancer

Although we are al dying for that “perfect” color, it is important to remember the risks that are on play. Thinks about this, is waking up early to lie down in the beach with out sunscreen worth it? Remember the risks and then answer the question. I am not saying that you should not tan; I am trying to tell you to not tan excessively and how risky it is if you do so. Yes, of course you can tan and get some color but trying doing it the best way possible. For example, use sunscreen and on top of it, wear tanning lotion. Also, you can lie down in the beach/pool for only a certain amount of time in order to avoid excessive UV rays.

Another important point that I wanted to touch in this point is the following: though the media may promote tanning, remember to be comfortable in your own skin. I sometimes have trouble accepting the fact that I am so pale, at least that’s what I think, and try to do something about it. Sometimes I wonder if I should simply go to a beach and tan the whole day or simply spray tan. Then, a really close friend of mine told how I should not be thinking and trying to figure out how to “fix” this “trouble” that I believed I had and rather enjoy it and make the best of it. In other words, feel comfortable in your own skin. Love your color, whatever it is, and try not to be influenced by media and what’s “in” because your health is so much worth it.

Enjoy this next two weeks of work because Spring Break is on it’s way!

MAC Vera Collection

“Brilliant butterflies, flashy florals and gorgeously geometric graphics… A colourful collaboration between MAC and the artist known worldwide as Vera, who merged fine arts with linens, murals, textiles and silk scarves in her punchy, painted patterns. Now in shades plucked straight from her most lavish prints, MAC Vera embraces the luxe, lighter-than-air spirit that delivers the kind of startling, look-at-me-statement that defines what it means to be an instant classic.”

– MAC Cosmetics

I am so excited to share this new collection with you guys. if you love makeup and famous designer, Vera Wang, you are going to absolutely adore this new collection of MAC. This new line includes colorful makeup yet embraces what’s classy. The colors are perfect for spring and the prices are really good. The MAC Vera Collection includes:

  • 3 Different Crushed Pigments $34 each
  • 7 Intense Eye Liners $15 each
  • 2 Nail Lacquers $16 each
  • 2 Face Powders $28 each
  • 5 Plushglasses $19.50 each

Strawberry Patch Crushed Pigment:








Flower Fantasy Face Powder:








Teal Eye Liner:











If you enjoy and love makeup I totally recommend it. The colors are awesome because they suit every type of skin; they are neither too light nor too bold. I feel like this collection is perfect for this upcoming season, spring, and it is also very natural. This weekend i bought three of the eyeliners and one of the pigments and I loved them! Especially the pigments. I hope you enjoyed this post and review and I hope this inspired you to buy makeup for the spring! Now go feel pretty!


The SCALE Does NOT Make You Beautiful

Throughout the past couple of years there’s been many girls, my age, who have become obsessed with their weight and the SCALE. I write the “SCALE” with capital letters because it’s dangerous and it’s numbers can get into your head. It is healthy to weigh yourself once a couple of weeks in order to see how you are doing or maybe if you are trying to loose weight in a healthy way however, by SCALE I mean using it daily or weekly because you are obsessed with your weight and its numbers.

Do girls really do that? Well, yes! Yet what they don’t know is that the scale doesn’t call you beautiful. Weight and beauty are two different things and do not go together. You need to be conscious that numbers don’t label or define who you are, not even pounds!

In the long run, obsessing yourself with the numbers lead to troubles with your self-esteem and confidence. There’s a story about a sixth grade girl who was obsessed with stepping onto the scale every single morning. She had her goal, she wanted to loose all her baby fat in order to be accepted by society. As if pounds define who you are as a person.. Well not really!

Story is, she became much more obsessed until one day her mother gor really concerned and took her to a phsyciatrist in order for her to be helped. After her session she decided that the scale would not define how much she was worth, how beautiful she was and even lower her confidence! SHE WOULD. By the end of the story, the girl was able to make tons of friends and she said that it’s through not pressuring and labeling yourself about your weight and other things when you can truly find peace with yourself, your body and thus be confident about who you are when you can be the best you can be. It was because of her confidence as well as her self-esteem that she was able to have friends. This proves that the obsession with the scale is not healthy and will only tear you down, you need to be smarter than that and learn that it’s what you think and make of yourself that counts. It you and what you think about yourself that makes you beautiful. Don’t let number define who you are.

Be sure that next time that you step onto the scale you are able to look beyond those numbers and see the hidden message: