Dove Self-Esteem

Many girls all around the world have a hobby or an activity they really enjoy. However, many of them stop doing what they love because of how they look or because of what others think of them. That is not fair, and this great video helps promote self-esteem for girls and young women.

Ever since I started following the Dove Campaign for the improvement of the self-esteem, I really appreciated to see how there are people in this world that want to spread a great message- it’s not just about being externally beautiful, but it’s inner beauty, confidence, attitude, and self-esteem that matter. As this video shows us, building self-esteem in young girls will help them grow and become who THEY want to be and not be influenced by society or the media. Dove’s Campaign is a great movement because it also inspires all of those beautiful girls who don’t believe in their beauty and power and because of that, I am so happy that the campaign exists and is still going. Below is another video, from Dove, that I wanted to share with you. The video shows us the effort and how committed they are to make girls realize what they are worth.

I hope that this videos help you realize, once again, of the importance of knowing the power that inner beauty has. We should all learn from this beautiful videos and realize how the word “beautiful” has so many meaning yet to be beautiful, one has to have internal beauty. It is on our hands to create, nurture, or maintain that internal beauty and always remember how much it is worth.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and help spread the word, just like Dove, about the magic of internal beauty because the importance of inner beauty is much more than that of outer beauty!


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