Careful Ladies (The Sun)

I am pretty sure we all are excited for Spring Break. I am also pretty sure that most of us are planning on tanning and getting more color because ugh, we all hate being pale. Well, although this sounds nice and chill it’s important to remember, especially right before vacations, the danger that there is when tanning excessively.

Media, models, and many other means of advertisement tell us, or at least portray, that being tan is what’s “in”. Yes, of course we all want that however, our health is at risk too. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause: 

  • Skin burns
  • Premature skin aging
  • Eye damage
  • Skin cancer

Although we are al dying for that “perfect” color, it is important to remember the risks that are on play. Thinks about this, is waking up early to lie down in the beach with out sunscreen worth it? Remember the risks and then answer the question. I am not saying that you should not tan; I am trying to tell you to not tan excessively and how risky it is if you do so. Yes, of course you can tan and get some color but trying doing it the best way possible. For example, use sunscreen and on top of it, wear tanning lotion. Also, you can lie down in the beach/pool for only a certain amount of time in order to avoid excessive UV rays.

Another important point that I wanted to touch in this point is the following: though the media may promote tanning, remember to be comfortable in your own skin. I sometimes have trouble accepting the fact that I am so pale, at least that’s what I think, and try to do something about it. Sometimes I wonder if I should simply go to a beach and tan the whole day or simply spray tan. Then, a really close friend of mine told how I should not be thinking and trying to figure out how to “fix” this “trouble” that I believed I had and rather enjoy it and make the best of it. In other words, feel comfortable in your own skin. Love your color, whatever it is, and try not to be influenced by media and what’s “in” because your health is so much worth it.

Enjoy this next two weeks of work because Spring Break is on it’s way!


One thought on “Careful Ladies (The Sun)

  1. Ahh this makes me so excited for spring break! And thanks for the tanning tips; I feel like thats something that almost everyone has a hard time with. It’s especially frustrating for me because I don’t tan easily. Luckily I don’t burn easily either, but still, it’d be nice if when I sat out in the sun I could actually get some color ;).

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