The SCALE Does NOT Make You Beautiful

Throughout the past couple of years there’s been many girls, my age, who have become obsessed with their weight and the SCALE. I write the “SCALE” with capital letters because it’s dangerous and it’s numbers can get into your head. It is healthy to weigh yourself once a couple of weeks in order to see how you are doing or maybe if you are trying to loose weight in a healthy way however, by SCALE I mean using it daily or weekly because you are obsessed with your weight and its numbers.

Do girls really do that? Well, yes! Yet what they don’t know is that the scale doesn’t call you beautiful. Weight and beauty are two different things and do not go together. You need to be conscious that numbers don’t label or define who you are, not even pounds!

In the long run, obsessing yourself with the numbers lead to troubles with your self-esteem and confidence. There’s a story about a sixth grade girl who was obsessed with stepping onto the scale every single morning. She had her goal, she wanted to loose all her baby fat in order to be accepted by society. As if pounds define who you are as a person.. Well not really!

Story is, she became much more obsessed until one day her mother gor really concerned and took her to a phsyciatrist in order for her to be helped. After her session she decided that the scale would not define how much she was worth, how beautiful she was and even lower her confidence! SHE WOULD. By the end of the story, the girl was able to make tons of friends and she said that it’s through not pressuring and labeling yourself about your weight and other things when you can truly find peace with yourself, your body and thus be confident about who you are when you can be the best you can be. It was because of her confidence as well as her self-esteem that she was able to have friends. This proves that the obsession with the scale is not healthy and will only tear you down, you need to be smarter than that and learn that it’s what you think and make of yourself that counts. It you and what you think about yourself that makes you beautiful. Don’t let number define who you are.

Be sure that next time that you step onto the scale you are able to look beyond those numbers and see the hidden message:



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